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Our mill is located on the eastern slopes of  Mt. Kenya in the heart of Kenya’s coffee growing region. We mill parchment and Mbuni coffee for over 400 co-operatives and estates (small and large) from all coffee growing regions in Kenya. Our clients enjoy:-

  • The lowest milling costs in Kenya with no spillages of our client’s coffee.
  • Cold hulling of their parchment and mbuni coffee hence preserving the quality of the beans.
  • Free transport for their parchment and mbuni coffee to our mill.
  • Quality determination of our client’s coffee immediately after receipt and after milling our certified liquorers.
  • The Lowest milling losses and the best recoveries of grades in the industry
  • Real-time traceability of every process until the coffee is sold.
  • Farm inputs at the best available prices and delivered at the requested time.
  • Free BATIAN coffee seedlings to replace the old non-productive varieties which are disease prone.
  • Well trained and disciplined staff who attends to our client, suppliers and visitors.
  • A mill certified by Fair-trade Labeling Organization (FLO).
  • Provision of free advisory services to our growers on the best production practices.

Our marketing offices are located in Nairobi at the Coffee Plaza on the 7th Floor. Our clients further enjoy:-

  • The lowest marketing charges with a dedicated team that listens and addresses their needs.
  • Crop and operations advances against coffee delivered or to be delivered to the mill.
  • Prompt payment of their proceeds once the coffee has been sold through the auction or direct sales.
  • Quality confirmation by our certified liquorers of our client’s coffee before release to the auction or direction sale so as to determine its offer price.
  • Prompt and efficient services to coffee buyers both local and international.
  • Insurance of their coffee from collection at the co-operative or estate until the coffee is sold.
  • Linkages with overseas buyers who intend to buy their coffee and vice versa.
  • Proper and clean records of their coffee sales.

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